About us

Dedicated to a profession
In 1938, a few visionary pioneers founded in Geneva by the Geneva Patronal Corporative Group of Asset Managers to defend the professional and economic interests of its members. Today, about seventy years later, the association has a new name, without betraying its original purpose. Acting now under the appellation of Wealth Management Owners’ Association, it remains committed with determination to the safeguarding of the reputation and independence of the profession.

Striving for perfection
The goals of the Group are the preservation and promotion of the reputation, the independence of the profession and the defense of the economic interests of its members. Actively, theoretically and practically promoting the professional activity of wealth and patrimonial manager in Switzerland and abroad is also part of its mission. In addition, the Group promotes the exchange of information among its members in a continuing effort to improve the quality of services. It participates actively in the development, drafting and implementation of laws and regulations affecting the profession and contributes to discussions on banking secrecy, tax savings and any other topic related to business finance. Additionally, it ensures to be heard by the government, both locally and nationally.

Reference Group
However, the Group is different from other associations focusing by pursuing a quality policy which favors deeper reflection and originality to resolve problems. Faithful to its mission of business owners’ group, it can stand the comparison with the banking industry. It wants to be an elite circle, an essential forum for all matters relating to the business of wealth and asset management in Geneva and Switzerland.

Considered by its peers
The Wealth Management Owners’ Association maintains close relations with other  organizations representing the world of finance as the Association of Private Bankers and Geneva Financial Center. It is a member of the Federation of Romandes’ Enterprises Geneva and is one of the founders of the self-regulatory organization against money-laundering OAR-G.

Rigorous professionalism
Only individuals and companies whose integrity is faultless and which offer all the warranties of impeccable reputation are allowed within the Association. Swiss asset and portfolio managers, independent and business owners, actors in the banking industry can join as member. They must be in possession of a certified Professional training, acquired from a bank or asset manager, proof of professional practice in Switzerland for three years and be admitted by qualified majority. The limited companies domiciled in Switzerland may also apply for membership, provided that their major shareholders are known. They are represented by one of their directors or alternatively by one of their Swiss citizen senior managers. An applicant for admission to the Association must be sponsored by two members.